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Nathan Phillips

Nathan operates as the photographer of the duo.  From an early age, as he traveled with family and friends, he discovered his given talent for photography.  He saw past the actual snapshot and developed the skill of turning a photo into a masterpiece.  He has the remarkable ability to make the client feel comfortable and at ease while on the set, therefore enabling the model to bring out their best self during the photography session.  This is very important in front of the lens!

Vivian Phillips

Vivian completes the team and is the creative mind behind the scenes.  She assists with set design, wardrobe selections, administration, and the finer details of all that needs to take place for a positive outcome.  While the photographer is busy focusing on the set and photographing the client, she keeps a critical eye on the entire process to strategically bind it all together. 

Unmasking Images is based out of Avon, Indiana.

Our journey started in 2016 with bodybuilding competitions, but has grown into weddings.

From a gym shoot full of weights and shredded bodies, to a beautiful bride and groom making a commitment set in stone. 


- How to catch a Proposal (Love this one!)

- Engagement Photo and Video Shoots

- Wedding Photography and Cinematic Video 

- Fitness Photo & Video Shoots (Travel too)

- Event Photo, Video, Live-streaming Services


We offer so much more! 

email us at with your inquiry.

The Mission

It's simple really... We hate basic... We literally take a look at something and immediately think, "Let's think outside the box and be unique". So if you're looking for basic photos, then honestly we are not the one for you. Of course we can provide basic with great quality, but overall we want to make you look insanely amazing at every level possible. We use lighting equipment that creates a beautiful result.

Our travels

Outside of private sessions, you’ll also find Unmasking Images at a variety of fitness events in various cities around the United States.  we were the designated show photographer for the NPC competitions for 2018. You will most likely see us at a fitness or bodybuilding event holding a camera... or two.

you will also see my wife and i traveling the world capturing as much as possible.

Lucky for her, I like to take photos... 


Please check our events page to find the date and time of our upcoming events.

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